A look back at 2018 and ahead to 2019

Posted in Personal 25 Dec 2018

Last week, my colleagues and I worked on roadmap-2019 for our client. During that activity, we looked back at our achievements, failures, and challenges of 2018 and based on them we carved out strategy and goals for 2019. 

While working on the roadmap, it dawned on me to do the same for my personal goals as well. Below were my goals of 2018

  1. Reduce my screen time and read more of print media (Newspaper and books)
  2. Blog every month about highs and lows of the month (completely missed it and I am writing a year-end blog to overcome the guilt of missing it)
  3. Contribute to open source
  4. Improve my coding skills
  5. Take care of my health

What went well in 2018

  1. Reduced my migraine attacks with exercise and sufficient sleep (health comes first) - My health has been on the back burner since 2016 and the earlier part of 2018 was really tough for me as the frequency of my migraine attacks increased to almost every week. The reasons were lack of sleep and work-related, which were sorted out once I had a discussion with my manager about the root causes. I started working out in the gym in September and I feel better now (weight is still an issue which is my resolution for 2019).
  2. Started contributing to open source - Worked on a side project and open sourced it. There are not many users of this project/plugin, that I developed, but it acted as a wake-up call to improve my development skills as I struggled a lot with everything when I started out (Version control, development and then roll out). 
  3. Started learning new languages/frameworks - While working on open source, I felt the pain of not doing any development work in the last 2 years. A lot has changed, in these years, in web development world so I started catching up on the stuff. I am learning Bulma, Vue.js, and Laravel these days.
  4. Reduced my screen time - I do not read news on my cell phone anymore and shifted to newspapers.
  5. Got some good mentors to follow - My mentors are in various parts of the world and their thoughts on various topics motivate me to learn new things. I would recommend everyone to have a mentor, it really helps.


  1. My current job profile - The work that puts food on my family's and my table is not related to what I want to learn due to which I am not able to spare much of my time to my passion/hobby. I do not regret it because my current job is very enriching in terms of my professional growth.
  2. Migraine - As mentioned above, lack of sleep aggravates my migraine problem and due to which I could not squeeze in much of my hobby related work.

Goals for 2019

  1. 4 days/week of gym/exercise (sound mental and physical health are the key ingredients) and reduce my weight as well :)  
  2. Contribute to at least 3-4 open sources
  3. Learn gatsby
  4. Blog every month about highs and lows of the month