Happy Father's Day

Posted in 16 Jun 2019

I am a very shy person in expressing my feelings and I am changing that by expressing more to my daughters. On this Father's day, I want to express my love and gratitude to my father, who has always been there in my ups and downs.

I still remember two incidents when I gave up on my studies and career and my father gave me the strength and motivation to overcome my insecurities and move forward.

The first incident goes back to 2000, my parents admitted to good coaching classes (non-medical) in Chandigarh. I started attending the classes away from my home but I missed my parents and childhood friends. With every passing day ,away from home, I started hating my decision of moving out of my home and opting for non-medical. After 2-3 months of hardships in Chandigarh, I took the decision to move back to my hometown and pursue Commerce instead of non-medical.

My mother was happy that I came back home as I would have all the luxuries of home at my disposal, every mother is like that, but my father was not. A couple of weeks later , he got his friend (a Banker) at our home for my career counseling (My father being a businessman was not much informed about non-medical/Medical/Commerce streams but he knew who would be the best to guide me). Uncle convinced me to pursue non-medical but I was adamant not to go out of my hometown so I started my coaching classes at my hometown. One year later , I realized that coaching classes at my hometown were not good and I moved back to Chandigarh again. Thank you Papa for trusting in me and showing me right path.

The second incident goes back to 2006, when I joined Infosys. My training batch was the first batch at Infosys where folks flunking in training were sent back to home. I did my engineering in Electrical and Infosys training was proving to be too grueling for me as I was not able to grasp a single thing on DBMS or programming. I remember calling my father after 3 weeks of training , saying that I think I would be coming back home as I won't be able to clear my compree Exam. My father became very furious on call and said that you are like a "frog in the well". Those words pierced my heart and I hung up on him.

I worked hard in my training and managed to clear it. Thank you Papa for being stepping stone of my career. Those words still stay with me and whenever I am down , I cling on to them.

I’ll be lucky if I can be half the person you are. Thanks for being here for me and being a great example. Happy Father's Day!