Labour never goes unrewarded

Posted in Personal 4 May 2019

This post is in continuation to my earlier post on state level entrance test of spell quest .

April 27th was a regular parent teacher meeting day at Aaira's school. The meeting was planned for 10:30 AM but I had a early morning meeting to attend so we reached school a bit late. We were accompanied by Ivana and my father and it was their first visit to Aaira's school.

Aaira and my wife was greeted by Aaira's class teacher and she took her to the coordinator's room where she gave a trophy and a wireless portable audio speaker because Aaira stood first at state level by scoring perfect 90 marks. It was a proud moment for us especially for my parents as they were at our place on this occasion. Aaira enjoyed her day by eating her favorite sweet ,Jalebis.

I still remember the days when she was 6 and used to watch spell bee with her Mother and she used to watch it with a lot of curiosity . Therefore, when we got the notice from her school about the spelling competition we enrolled her into it without a second thought.

The journey of preparation ; first for school level , followed by state level and finally national level competition was very enriching for Aaira and us. I am sure she has added a lot of good words in her vocabulary. Most importantly, this competition has helped her to build self-confidence which she was lagging before. She has shown her interest to participate in other competitions ,lined up this year, for which she used to shy away earlier.

Aaira appeared for national level test on 04/21 and she thinks that she did well in the exam. As always , we have asked her not to focus too much on the result as she has given her best shot by preparing well.

I would conclude this post on a note that we should let our kids try multiple things without focusing on end result so that they could unlock their potential.