My 13th Work Anniversary

Posted in Personal 4 Aug 2019

I completed 13 years at Infosys on July 24th, 2019. Honestly speaking, I never thought I would come this far. When I joined Infosys, I thought that I won't even be able to survive its training but it has proved to be an exciting journey so far.

In this post, I will talk about important things that I learnt this year and would continue to improve on some of them.

Change is not always easy but it's worth itI moved to handle a new team in the same account at the start of my 13th year. I believe, when one moves to another team/account then one always reflect on things that went well and things that could be improved. Based on that, one formulates the strategy to handle new work and team. The change was not easy for me as a lot of senior folks from my team were leaving at the same time but as a team, we were able to stabilize operations.

Taking hard decisionsThere will be times when the customer will not be happy the way you and your team are handling their work. Acknowledge the issues, Identify the problem areas and most common of them are; technical skills of the team, lack of ownership by team, knowledge gap, lack of communication etc. Once the problems are identified then work on addressing them by enabling your team and taking hard decisions like giving honest feedback and moving low performers out of the team.

Giving honest feedback at the right timeMost of us wait for the appraisal cycle to share feedback with team members. In my opinion, we should not wait for the formal appraisal cycle to kick in rather feedback should be given when a team member is not doing a good job. That helps in setting the expectations right and gives enough time to your team member to work on the area of improvements.

Preempting project risk and mitigating itWe all know that people are the most important assets of an IT organization and the biggest risk is of losing the best talent from your team. As a manager, one needs to identify high-risk areas; it could be a small team with a lot of people dependency, lack of knowledge sharing amongst the team and employee motivation etc. Based on risk areas, one should proactively identify the ways to mitigate them.

Understanding project financials: While responding to an RFP this year, I had a brush with financial aspects of a new deal. IT Finance is one area that fascinates me a lot and in future, I would like to work and learn more about it.