An Offsite to remember

Posted in Personal 21 Jul 2019

Last week, 0718, I attended my first offsite after getting into the role of a manager. At Infosys, we have regular account and team level parties but offsite was a very different and pleasant experience. The offsite was planned for managers and senior managers; so the first-timers like me were expecting it to be a very formal event with team-building exercises and food.

The event started off with a formal round of brief introduction as there were managers from different accounts/teams and some of us were meeting for the first time. Then, our HR manager divided us into three teams with each team comprising of 8 folks. This was the only formal part of the entire event and what followed next was easy banter and camaraderie among the managers.

The games of the event were planned really well and each of them forced us to work as a team, know each other better and have fun.

The first game of the event was about making three personal statements about yourself; two truths and a lie and then as a group we had to call the bluff. This game was a real ice breaker and helped us to learn about the hobbies/interests of our colleagues; someone sings well, someone is a national level winner of gymnastics and someone loves to travel. 

The second game was full of teamwork wherein a team member was blindfolded and other members of the team were asked to help the blindfolded person to reach the destination without stepping on the hurdles placed on the floor. This game subtly taught us about the value of first movers advantage as the team which went first in the game won the game as hurdles placed for other two teams were improvised, after each teams' turn, and were tough to crack.

The third game was about teamwork again wherein a team was divided into three groups; farmers -to inflate the balloons, defenders - to protect their balloons from being deflated by other team members and attackers - to attack the balloons of other teams. The team which strategized well before the game won the game. Winning team hid their balloons in one of their bags which attackers were not aware of.

The fourth game was about appreciating each other by writing a note/sentence/word on a placard. Everyone was given a placard, with their picture on it, a pen and was asked to hold the placard with left hand behind their back and pen in the right hand so that everyone can write on each other's back without knowing who wrote what. This game helped us to know what folks admire and appreciate about us. At the end of the game, it was a very satisfying feeling to read good things about ourselves.

Last game was a laughing riot as we indulged ourselves in multiple rounds of dumb charades. At the end of the event, our cheeks were hurting because of the good laugh we had.

We get so much involved in our day to day work at the office that sometimes we do not get to know about our colleagues well. Offsite helped us to break the ice between colleagues from different accounts and strengthen friendship with our friends. I hope we will have more events of this nature in future.