Positives of lockdown period

Posted in Personal 24 May 2020

As lockdown is coming to an end and everyone has adopted to new normal of life, it's time to reflect on some positives of lockdown period.

For me, lockdown period was full of good memories as I got to stay at my hometown for such a long time after 19 years; I stepped out of my hometown to pursue my education in 2001 since then the max I stayed at my hometown was for 2 weeks. When I was in college then semester breaks meant either going on a trip with college friends or staying back in hostel with friends. After getting into Infosys, I never got my leave approved for more than a week :) except for my marriage when I took off for 20-21 days.

During lockdown, my sister and nephews were also stuck at our place which meant extra fun for my daughter and nephews. We started our day early in the morning, 6:30 AM, with exercises followed by coaching classes of badminton to my daughter and nephew by me (I am not good at it but taught them whatever little I know).

My wife along with my younger daughter was stuck at her mother's place, where my younger daughter learnt to walk and express herself better. My younger daughter also had a good time at her Nani's place as she had company of her cousin there.

My parents had great time with all kids around and kids ensured to keep them busy in their free time.

I am proud and happy that I was able to maintain my routine of exercise without gym and my gym buddies. I did not indulge myself in the rat race of doing online courses or honing any new technical skill because for me this time was to cherish what already have in life so I remained laid back and looked at my kids growing.