Reflecting on the year gone by

Posted in Personal 14 Jan 2020

I am late this time in reflecting on the achievements and misses of 2019. But I would like to share my reflections with you so that you can also take a pause and reflect on the year gone by and plan for 2020 accordingly.

2019 has been quite a year for me and my family! On the personal front: we added a new member, my younger daughter, in our family in March; My elder daughter stood first in state level spell quest and appeared in her first Olympiad competition.

Below are some of the things that worked for me and I would take them into 2020

Health comes first and should be taken on priority

I was able to overcome some of my health issues with regular exercising. I started going to the gym in Sep'2018 and continued that throughout the year (even if it was 2-3 days a week on average). Regular exercise helped me to keep my migraine at bay and helped me to overcome my sinus problem. I felt fit after a long time in 2019.

You cannot make everyone happy

It's not possible to make everyone happy at work place. I believe every manager tries its best to balance on rewards and recognitions throughout the year but at the end of the year one must identify top performers and reward them accordingly. This year's performance evaluation cycle was one of the toughest in the last 3 years as a lot of team members came forward with their concerns and issues regarding their evaluation but, at the same time, it was a learning experience as well.

The habit of saying "No"

I started following this towards the end of the year when a lot of things were coming my way at work and I was not able to juggle between my assigned tasks. Saying “no” is the most difficult thing for me but it has helped me to prioritize my work.


I was able to blog regularly till August'19 but could not take it forward after that due to back to back assignments at my workplace. I would like to read and write more this year.

Cooking is Stress Reliever

I learnt to cook a few dishes this year and have found it very relaxing. I'll continue to learn more this year as well.

Goals for 2020

1) Update my skill set - I have not learnt any new skills in the past year. I would invest some time on myself to acquire new digital skills. I plan to take SalesForce certification this year.

2) Invest more in friends - I was talking to one of my friends who bought a new house and how he did not get the time to do house warming party. I also shared my experience of not getting a Puja done at my place due to busy schedule and shortage of manpower. My friend suggested a very simple solution to it - he mentioned why should we not help each other, I could help him with his party and he could with mine. The idea is very simple and easy to implement but it made me realize that since we are not connecting with friends often therefore we are not able to seek each other help. I would like to invest more on friends in terms of my time with them.

3) Work life balance - I usually have less workload near year-end due to the holiday season in the US. Lesser workload means coming back home on time. As my daughter's winter break was drawing to an end, she asked me if I would again start coming late to home after work. It made realize that I am doing injustice with my kids by not giving them my time. I would like to have more time with my family.