State level entrance test of Spell Quest

Posted in Personal 20 Jan 2019

My daughter ,Aaira Khurana, appeared for her state level spell quest exam today , 01/20/2019, at Satluj Public School. Aaira started her day with some tough revision lessons of spell quest prepared by her mother. After completing her revision lessons , we left for the examination center.

It was a pleasant surprise to see so many children appearing for the exam. The excitment on the faces of the children was visible and some of them were tensed as well.

The exam was of 1 hour and I thought of returning back home after dropping my daughter but I stayed there instead. While I was waiting there , one of the gentlemen asked the exam coordinator what is the use of this competition ? how is it going to help my kid in future? These kind of questions are quite common in India as parents spend (I call it investment) a lot on education and they want to understand the return on their investment.

The exam coordinator explained him well that it's going to increase his kids vocabulary and will make him/her better prepared for the future. I agree on it as I have seen my daughter benefitting a lot while preparing for her Intra school competition and then for state level. She has become more comfortable with jumbled words , word formation and vocabulary. The preparation helped my wife and me as well as we were also pronouncing a few words incorrectly.

I socialized with a few more parents there and the waiting time passed quickly. The process of handing over the kid to parent after the exam was very organized. My daughter said that she did well in the exam and was confident of clearing the exam. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the result but whatever would be the result we know that our child has gained a lot from this preparation.