Things that Corona Virus has taught us

Posted in Personal 19 Apr 2020

My family and I are at my parental house in Muktsar. We came to Muktsar for a family function in March and could not go back to Chandigarh due to my younger daughter's bad health and then due to lockdown.

My elder daughter has never stayed this long at Muktsar before and started missing her toys and routine. Yesterday, while I was putting her to sleep, she asked me when would this lockdown open as she wanted to go back to her normal routine. I told her that she might be able to go back to her school and play with her friends by end of June.

I know that above mentioned is an overstatement considering the Vaccine would be available sometime in 2021, hence we might not be able to go back to normal routine until mid of 2021. Some people are even suggesting that 2020 is a year to forget. Considering the disaster that Corona Virus has caused ,so far, and the projections for this year , it's not been a great year.

But this year has also given us a lot of good memories to remember like birdsong in early morning, azure blue sky, crystal clear sky with twinkling stars in night, time spent with our near dear ones, catching up with old friends on phone and playing a lot of our childhood indoor games. A lot of us would have also learnt new hobbies while staying at home and living life on essentials only.

At work, my team and I have learnt how to communicate better while working from home. The communications tools (Webex, Lync group chat) which we have not used much before are helping us to be more productive at work. My team's productivity has improved while working from home and this has pleasantly surprised me. All of us ,at work, have adopted to new normal really well.

I am sure life won't be same again post Covid and there are some important lessons learnt from this crisis like being more responsible towards mother earth as nature has its own ways of healing itself, differentiating between essential and non-essentials of our lives, being more generous to workers who provide essential services to us and giving value to simple pleasures of life.

Let' s pray and hope we all get over this humanitarian crisis fast and unscathed .