Welcome Ivana Khurana

Posted in Personal 9 Mar 2019

On 06/03/2019 , God blessed us with our second bundle of Joy, Ivana Khurana. The feeling of seeing her was surreal and similar to what I experienced when I saw Aaira for first time.

My wife and I always wanted a second kid so that we can give Sibling to Aaira. After all, you always count on your sibling to have your back. Having a second Kid was not easy for us and we had our share of ups and downs. God has been very Gracious to us by making us Parents again and we named Ivana keeping that in our mind!!!

With this post, I am also going to talk about a problem and its solution so that others may benefit for it.

My wife and I were prepared for second Kid by end of 2016 and we had two miscarriages since we started planning for second kid . Both of the miscarriages, happened in exact similar manner i.e. towards the end of third month of Pregnancy and heartbeat of the Fetus was absent. The problem was difficult for Gynecologist to unravel because there were no complications at the time of our first Kid.

Underlining problem

After two miscarriages , I was convinced not to have second kid but my wife wanted to give it another chance. We started with by changing our Gynecologist and she started fresh with all blood tests of my wife as well as mine to find the root cause. After a couple of tests, we got to know about the root cause and Wife was tested Apla positive which causes miscarriages as I outlined above.


Doctor prescribed my wife injections of Enoxaparin 60mg - everyday starting from day one of pregnancy to 45 days post delivery i.e. 315 Injections. The treatment was pretty testing , as injection was to be given on stomach, and we were scared due to previous two incidents. The treatment worked fine for us and we sailed through the first 3 months of pregnancy pretty well without much issues.

My only piece of advise to couples is to plan for the second kid ,if you want to have one, after 2 years of first kid as you do not know what changes are happening in your body. There is no good or bad time for having kids except for you being ready for kid and the biological clock has to be kept in mind.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lavleen Sodhi and her staff (Dr. Ekavli and Dr. Harpreet).

Feel free to reach out to me @ ankgne@gmail.com if you have any other questions, I would be more than happy to help you on it.