Why I never left Infosys?

Posted in Personal 10 Feb 2019

I get this question very often from my friends and colleagues as I have been with Infosys since 2006. With this post, I am going to answer this question.

Emotional Quotient: I joined Infosys on July 24th and that happens to be my dad's birth date therefore, I consider it a very special day.

Continuous learning: For me , Infosys is like an institution where each day is a learning experience. There are many good experiences to share but the first experience that has helped me in my initial years was debugging the code and connecting with right folks.

I still remember the day when I was struggling to develop a Library application in C (part of Infosys 4 months training) and I was chasing people in my training batch to help me with it but was not getting required help. After a couple of days, I went to the brightest candidate of my training batch to seek his help and he explained me how to tinker with the debugger of Visual Studio. Since then, I always start with setting up the debugger first whenever I have to do development.

The first appraisal discussion with my manager is etched on my memory and it was an honest and constructive feedback. After the feedback, I went straight to Infosys library and got a handbook on unix issued. Knowledge of Unix has helped me in executing many projects effectively (the recent one was from 2016-2018).

I remember how I used to get my emails reviewed from my friend before sending them out. The review process has helped me to write structured and effective emails.

It has been an enriching experience for me since I joined Infosys.

Exposure: Before joining Infosys , I spent most of my life in small towns of Punjab (at my birthplace and then in my college , GNE, at Ludhiana). Working with Infosys has given me the exposure that I would never have thought of. I had been to places which I used to read about. The exposure has given me the confidence to express myself in front of my team and clients.

Stood by me in my difficult times: Last few years had been rough for me and ,at that point in time, I thought of taking sabbatical leave from my work but my manager gave me the flexibility to work from home. I was able to balance my life and work due to the support I got from Infosys senior management.

I'll keep on updating this post with my experiences as I learn more because as the old adage goes , "I have miles to walk before I sleep" :)