In the post , we will discuss what happens behind the scenes when an attribute is accessed using above syntax. The explanation would also clarify how the accessors work in Eloquent. Accessors allow us to format/manipulate eloquent attribute values after they are fetched from DB by Model.
This post explains what happens behind the scenes when an eloquent model is accessed. This post requires a basic understanding of eloquent model so I would recommend reading it before going any further in below post.
Understanding of the Laravel service container is a must for every Laravel developer. Without undertstanding it thoroughly, one can not develop good Laravel applications.
I was looking for a way to count number of views on my blog posts so that i can display them on the blog post itself. While searching for a solution , I came across a package named cyrildewit/eloquent-viewable.
Adding disqus comments functionality on Laravel site is very simple and straight forward. In this post, we will discuss in detail how to integrate disqus with Laravel web application.

I have mostly deployed web applications on shared hosting and for my Laravel blog I was exploring various options to host it. After doing the required research, I settled on VPS (Virutal Private S...