A lot of IT companies are grappling with a common problem statement these days and that is - "How much % of total work force should be allowed to work from home once the crisis of COVID-19 is over?". There are a lot of debates on this topic where a few IT companies have gone ahead and said that their 50% of workforce would continue to work from home permanently whereas some organizations have different point of view on it.

Positives of lockdown period

Posted in Personal on 24 May 2020
For me, lockdown period was full of good memories as I got to stay at my hometown for such a long time after 19 years.
I am sure life won't be same again post Covid and there are some important lessons learnt from this crisis like being more responsible towards mother earth as nature has its own ways of healing itself, differentiating between essential and non-essentials of our lives, being more generous to workers who provide essential services to us and giving value to simple pleasures of life
Recently, I started managing a new team which provides L1 application support services. So far, I had managed L2/L3 support teams only, therefore, initial months were a steep learning curve for me.

Reflecting on the year gone by

Posted in Personal on 14 Jan 2020
I am late this time in reflecting on the achievements and misses of 2019. But I would like to share my reflections with you so that you can also take a pause and reflect on the year gone by and plan for 2020 accordingly.

My 13th Work Anniversary

Posted in Personal on 4 Aug 2019
I completed 13 years at Infosys on July 24th, 2019. Honestly speaking, I never thought I would come this far. When I joined Infosys, I thought that I won't even be able to survive its training but it has proved to be an exciting journey so far.

An Offsite to remember

Posted in Personal on 21 Jul 2019
Last week, I attended my first offsite after getting into the role of a manager. At Infosys, we have regular account and team level parties but offsite was a very different and pleasant experience. The offsite was planned for managers and senior managers; so the first timers like me were expecting it to be a very formal event with team building exercises and food.

Labour never goes unrewarded

Posted in Personal on 4 May 2019
I still remember the days when she was 6 and used to watch spell bee with her Mother and she used to watch it with a lot of curiosity . Therefore, when we got the notice from her school about the spelling competition we enrolled her into it without a second thought.
The month of March'19 was very happening for me at my home and office. The little one ,my 24 days old daughter, ensured that we were awake for the most part of the night.And at my office , I got the opportunity to work on an RFP (Request for proposal).

Welcome Ivana Khurana

Posted in Personal on 9 Mar 2019
On 06/03/2019 , God blessed us with our second bundle of Joy, Ivana Khurana. The feeling of seeing her was surreal and similar to what I experienced when I saw Aaira for first time.